GailVanKleekGail is a perception-changing author who believes that what we focus on is what we see and writes inspirational/ motivational books for both adults and children.  Her first book,  How You See Anything is How We See Everything, was recommended by John Gray, the author of Women are from Venus, Men are From Mars.

 Gail, who recently retired from her interior design career, is currently working on a series of Simple Wisdom for Challenging Times Columns which focus on moving beyond our political polarization and finding ways to talk with and learn from people whose beliefs or concerns are different than our own.  She offers six months of complementary columns, two columns per month, to newspapers who are interested in giving their readers a more powerful and positive alternative to “business as usual” political stories.  

Gail Van Kleeck is a retired interior designer, a grandmother and a lifelong story teller who loves life and values making a difference.  She lives in Northbridge, Massachusetts with her long time life-partner, Parker Babbidge, and their dog Charlie. 


Her currently available
inspirational/motivational and interior design books include

How You See Anything is How You See Everything

Simple Wisdom for Challenging Times

There is a Story Teller in My Closet

The Magical Interior Design Guide e-book

Moving with Ease and Confidence


You can contact Gail at gail@simplewisdom.com

or visit her website at www.gailvankleeck.org

Bringing the Magic of Possibility into Your Home and Your Life

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