Every Moment is Precious

This tender, bittersweet time of the year is so often filed with a mixture of joy, sadness, expectation and disappointment. It is touched by the memories of precious moments in the past and dreams that have yet to come true.

Sometimes, particularly in challenging times, there seems so little we can do on our own.  And yet, we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.  Lately, I’ve been wondering what might happen if each of us placed a candle on our kitchen counter and burned it for just a short time every morning.


All too often we save candlelight for special
moments, forgetting that every moment in life is special.

What if that kitchen candle raised our spirits and expanded our sense of what is possible?  What if it helped us begin our day by remembering what is most precious in our hearts?

What if the simple act of lighting a candle could empower us to become just a little kinder, a little more patient and a little more compassionate as we go out into the world?  How might lighting a simple candle touch and heal our own lives as well as the lives of others on our path?

My gift to you this year is a copy of a poem I found long ago and the heartfelt wish that your holiday season and the brand new year that lies ahead will be filled with countless precious moments.

The Candle

A candle is a simple thing, a bit of wax upon a string.
Yet clipped and dipped with patient hand
It gathers wax upon the strand,
Until complete and snowy white, it gives at last a lovely light.

Life is so like that bit of string, each deed we do a simple thing.
Yet day by day if on life’s strand, we work
With patient heart and hand,
It gathers joy, makes dark days bright,
And gives at last a lovely light.

                                        –  Author Unknown


Warmly, Gail

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