The Present

Yes, yes, I know.  I said I’d tell you about the first ordinary moment I noticed once I’d begun to look for them …. and I will, but its Christmas time and I’d like to insert a few holiday thoughts before I tell you the  story I promised.

While it’s my intent to post a new blog-story every week, these first few blogs will be a little less regular, so please bear with me for now.

I wrote this poem several years ago and some of you have already seen it…but I re-read it myself at this time of the year and I hope you won’t mind reading it with me…   If it speaks to you and if you would like to pass it along, you are more than welcome to do so.

The Present

T’was the holiday season and as usual I
Was frantically thinking of presents to buy.
I’d been shopping and wrapping and baking like mad,
But I didn’t feel peaceful.  I didn’t feel glad.

My checklist was growing.  I couldn’t get through.
My mind kept inventing one more thing to do.
There were parties to go to and people to see.
The angel was crooked on top of the tree.

Something was wrong with this beautiful season.
I stopped for a moment to search for the reason.
And in that silent moment, the reason was clear.
I’d forgotten the most precious present this year!

A present so precious, it couldn’t be sold.
It couldn’t be purchased for silver of gold.
A present too precious to place on a shelf,
One I couldn’t give, till I had it myself.

For the present most precious, the present most rare,
Is just that, the present, the moments we share.
For the things we achieve or collect are fast gone,
But the love we create in the present lives on.

So if I were dreaming, perhaps what I’d see,
Is fewer gifts piled up ‘neath the Christmas tree.
There’d be simpler meals and tasks that could wait,
We’d be there for each other, before it’s too late.

And so I wish you and all those you hold dear,
A most loving and joyfully abundant New Year.


Gail Van Kleeck

Bringing the Magic of Possibility into Your Home and Your Life

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